The Trusted Person in a Company

The Trusted Person in a Company (TPC) deals overall with psychosocial risks at work. The TPC offers support to any worker who feel that his/her personality or integrity has been offended. The TPC accompanies and guides individuals in situations of conflict, exhaustion, stress, burnout, or who fell victimized by discrimination, unfairness or violence at work. The TPC acts through individual interviews and prevention seminars.

The TPC is a certified person, well-known to both the management and all the employees.

« Trust is the invisible glue that leads a team to perform »

Tanya Mounier

The specific features of a «Trusted Person» :


Given that the TPC is bound by professional secret, each interview is done in total confidentiality.
The TPC is trained to listen actively and with goodwill.

Off-hierarchy, the TPC is totally independent from the management, human resources and legal departments.

The TPC makes no judgment about the person with whom she is in contact.

Indisputable benefits for your company

Did you know ?

Following a May 2012 Swiss Federal Court Judgment,
all Swiss employers are legally bound to put in place preventive measures against psychosocial risks and work-related conflicts.

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and, in Geneva, the Cantonal Office for Work Inspection and Labour Relations describe the «Trusted Person» as one of the pillars of these preventive measures.

Human and financial advantages :


Improvement of your company results due to a decline in presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turnover.

Conflict prevention

Preventing interpersonal conflicts from emerging or from degenerating.
In 80% of cases, listening actively and with a compassionate ear is sufficient to neutralise a conflict situation.

Productivity gain

Productivity gain for your company through establishing or maintaining a healthy and trustworthy work atmosphere. Such a work environment inspires trust and increases worker motivation, performance and productivity.

Company image

Enhancement of your company value on the job recruitment market.