A trusted partner

To take up the challenges related to the efficient prevention and management of conflicts and psychosocial risks in your organisation, it is mandatory that each of our interventions be in line with your objectives.

We propose a range of personalised services based on technical and strategic knowledge, and on outstanding interpersonal skills.



Making a diagnosis

Meeting with the management or with Human Resources to make a diagnosis as to the management of psychosocial risks and conflicts in your organisation.


Personalised offer  

Alignment of services with your specific needs. We will also take note of the designated person with whom we will be speaking in your firm.



Information to all employees, whatever their level, about our services and about who we are.


We take action!    

Implementation of our services.


Check points    

Check points, every three months with our designated person in your organisation.


The drawing up of a report     

Writing of an anonymised yearly report (or of an end-of-mission report).


Trust Hotline

A confidential telephone number is provided to all workers that they can dial to speak about any work-related issues.
Individual interviews
Depending on employees’ requests and needs, face-to-face interviews take place in an external or internal neutral setting.
Training sessions are offered to managers, as are awareness sessions to all workers to help them identify and prevent psychosocial risks and conflicts.
The drawing up of an anonymous report on systemic trends for the management.
Informing managers:

In cases of serious or legally reprehensible facts which have the potential to seriously harm the personal integrity of one or more employee (s).
In cases of organisational or interpersonal problematics likely to quickly lead to a seriously harmful and deleterious work atmosphere.

Alliance of expertise
Collaboration with our trusted partners around the prevention and the management of psychosocial risks and conflicts (mediators, psychologists, occupational health doctors and nurses, etc.).