Tanya Mounier,


Trusted Person Certified ASPCE®

Certified ‘Trusted Person in a Company’ certificate, Tanya Mounier is a member of the “Swiss Association of Trusted Persons in Companies” (ASPCE®).

An independent consultant, Tanya Mounier developed her natural ethic et empathy in favour of an active and compassionate ear within companies :

« I am profoundly convinced of the gains obtained by an approach focused on human well-being.
Physical and psychological health represent, in my view, the economic engine of companies, of their productivity and of their sustainability.»

Public health expert

Tanya Mounier has worked in private and non-governmental organisations, including 10 years at the World Economic Forum (WEF), and 3 years as a public health consultant.

In-depth knowledge of how companies operate, and of the complexity and challenges of organisations.
Knowhow for managing human relations.

  • Sensitivity as to how people assert their individuality, and to cultural diversity.
  • Psychosocial risks expert

    Collaboration with “Prevention et Maintien de la Santé en Entreprise” (PMSE SA) on psychosocial risks and occupational health management issues.
    Experience in providing training on ways to prevent and manage psychosocial risks.
    Expertise in developing and assessing health prevention tools.

    A solid network

    of partners

    To optimally support you, we work with a solid network of trusted partners. This collaborative portfolio covers all sectors and skills necessary for maintaining or restoring a trustworthy, human and productive work atmosphere in your organisation.

    • Mediators
    • Trusted Persons
    • Auditors
    • Coaches
    • Ergonomists
    • Psychotherapists
    • Lawyers and specialists in labour law
    • Occupational health specialists (psychologists, doctors and nurses)
    • Organisations / companies engaged in health