Tanya Mounier,


Certified Trusted Person – ASPCE®

Certified ‘Trusted Person in a Company’ since 2017, Tanya is a member of the “Swiss Association of Trusted Persons in Companies” (ASPCE®).

An independent consultant, Tanya developed her natural ethic et empathy in favour of an active and compassionate ear within companies :

« I am profoundly convinced of the gains obtained by an approach focused on human well-being.
Physical and psychological health represent, in my view, the economic engine of companies, of their productivity and of their sustainability

Public health expert

In possession of a Master in Economic Sciences, Tanya has worked for multinationals and international organisations, including 10 years at the World Economic Forum (WEF), and 3 years as a public health consultant.

In-depth knowledge of how companies operate, and of the complexity and challenges of organisations
Knowhow for managing human relations
Sensitivity as to how people assert their individuality, and to cultural diversity

Mental health and psychological risks expert

Tanya has decided to pursue her career by training in occupational health and mental health.

Collaboration with “Prevention et Maintien de la Santé en Entreprise” (PMSE SA) on psychosocial risks and occupational health management issues
Experience in providing training on ways to prevent and manage psychosocial risks
Expertise in developing and assessing health prevention tools
Mental Health First Aid Instructor
In-depth knowledge of employment law

In order to offer a choice and complementarity,
the assurance of a relay in case of absence, the advantage of intervision, as well as a wide range of skills in work dynamics,
Tanya Mounier proposes a collaboration with another Trusted Person.

Estelle Hammarström-Ballif,

Certified Trusted Person – ASPCE®

Certified ‘Trusted Person in a Company’ since 2017, Estelle Hammarström-Ballif is
a member of the “Swiss Association of Trusted Persons in Companies” (ASPCE®).

Passionate about humanistic psychology, neuroscience and the multiple resources of the individual, she naturally invested in the theme of occupational health.

Proactive, empathetic and pragmatic, Estelle has never stopped perfecting her knowledge and has previously worked in demanding hierarchical environments,
hence her discipline and professionalism.

« Alone we go faster, together we go further.»

Professional experience

Banking training
12 years as an administrative and management assistant in SMEs and multinational
 companies (Fiduciary, HR, Legal, Marketing, Product & Brand Protection, Engineering)
Individual coaching in stress, burnout and conflict resolution
Expertise in interpersonal communication and relational issues

Targeted skills in conflict management, burnout and mechanisms of
psychological harassment
Solid experience in supporting serious and complex medical conditions
In-depth knowledge of employment law
Analytical mindset
Skills and resources enhancement through autonomy
Certification in Mental Health First Aid, HR, Business Communication
and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – solutions)

A solid network

of partners

To optimally support you, we work with a solid network of trusted partners. This collaborative portfolio covers all sectors and skills necessary for maintaining or restoring a secure and human work environment, improving productivity of your organisation.

  • Mediators
  • Trusted Persons
  • Auditors
  • Coaches
  • Ergonomists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Lawyers and specialists in
    labour law
  • Occupational health specialists (psychologists, doctors and nurses)
  • Organisations / companies engaged in health